Emporium: a centre of commerce; a market

A platform owned by
all who are a part of it!
Welcome to Sakeng Emporium.

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Sakeng Emporium is our marketplace.

By using the power of our Sakeng platform and our growing community,
Sakeng Emporium unlocks value for all our partners and members.



Revolutionising the way Communities connect and interact with their members.

The Sakeng Emporium is a community owned digital engagement platform. Community owners create "Circles" and connect their members to their Circles. Once connected, you have access to our full range of tools to interact with and reward your members.

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As the Sakeng community grows, so will the benefits. Sakeng belongs to all of us,
lets unite and make the Sakeng dream a reality! Check out some of the amazing benefits on offer to our members.

  • An integrated Sakeng virtual or physical card for use across our network
  • Receive vouchers, coupons and other offers by joining the Circles offered by our partners
  • Valuable tools to enhance your experience as a consumer.
  • Store all your slips in one place
  • Track retail quests from various partners in one easy to use app
  • Sakeng Mobile data and airtime at discounted rates
  • Earn cashbacks when buying certain virtual products
  • Financial benefits for participating in surveys, adds and other activities offered by your Circles.
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  • Gain control over your data and how and when it is shared with others
  • Control who can market and advertise to you
  • Authorise key transactions from participating partners
  • And more as we grow!


Sakeng’s vision is to help grow your business. We aim to do this by giving every business big or small access to a world class platform to engage with their customers. You define the rules and determine what you give, Sakeng makes it happen! Check out the amazing benefits on offer to our partners.

  • Use Sakeng Emporium card for customer identification.
  • Monitor customer visits to store or facility by registering store visits.
  • Reward members for things like spend, product support, regular visits etc. via vouchers or product coupons. Various templates are available to cater for the diverse needs of our partners.
  • Redeem Sakeng vouchers and coupons at point of sale.
  • Submit slip details to be stored in customer slip vault, no need to print slips for customers that opted in for this service.
  • Use your Circle to collect fees from your customers.
  • Push promotions and advertisements to your Circle.
  • Push surveys and service rating questionnaires to your Circle.
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  • Run lucky draw competitions based on several templates.
  • Enable product manufacturers to reward customers based on detailed spend records.
  • Send scratch cards or spin and win events to your Circle.
  • Product manufactures can educate customers on various aspects of their products.
  • Receive requests from customers for product information or advice, leads are pushed from customers to retailers and service providers by customers that have opted to use such services.
  • Send authorization requests to customers for non-redemption related transactions such as entering into contracts etc.
  • And more as we grow!

Are you ready to be a part of a one-of-a-kind movement?
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