Emporium: a centre of commerce; a market

A platform owned by
all who are a part of it!
Welcome to Sakeng Emporium.

Sakeng Emporium is our online marketplace.

By bringing people together and using the power of our growing community,
Sakeng Emporium offers access to technology, better deals, benefits and real wealth.


Together, members and partners create Sakeng Emporium. Together, members and partners own Sakeng Emporium. When Sakeng prospers, we all prosper!

Am I a member or am I a partner?

Members are consumers; individuals who are interested in great deals, cheaper products and income opportunities. Members want to give themselves and their families the best life possible.

Partners are organisations, registered businesses, communities or individuals that deliver a service or product to the community or employ people. Partners meaningfully add to their communities. Members and partners, along with Sakeng Founders, own Sakeng Emporium.


Transforming the economy, one person at a time.

The Sakeng Emporium community can own up to 95% of all value generated by the platform.

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A rewards program that generates real wealth.

When the numbers of customers go up, the price of items and services come down. Sakeng passes these discounts directly onto our members. So, you, the customer, gets the deal.

Partnerships that build business.

Grow your enterprise, support a local group or take care of your employees. Partners can promote their goods and services and access discounted products, employee sponsorship packages and more.

Join Sakeng Emporium to unlock incredible deals and real wealth.

Here’s a taste of our Member and Partner benefits.

Member benefits

  • Sakeng Mobile data and airtime at discounted rates
  • Unique retail discounts
  • Access to purpose-specific vouchers
  • Financial benefits for participating in surveys and advertisements
  • Access to the Sakeng Emporium group life benefits
  • Discounted insurance products
  • Ownership in real business
  • An integrated Sakeng card for use across our network
  • And more as we grow!

Partner benefits

  • Discounted products that will help you manage your business or organisation
  • Sponsored products or packages for your members and employees
  • Direct access and marketing to the Sakeng Emporium community
  • Collated data from members who have participated in targeted surveys
  • A platform where you can deploy your products. Speak to us for more details.
  • An incredible opportunity to meaningfully transform the economic landscape in South Africa.
  • And more as we grow!

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