The Sakeng Story

Our dream at Sakeng is that every man and woman should own a part of the technology they use on a daily base. Our platform should :

  • protect our privacy and data;
  • respect our wishes;
  • reward us for participating;
  • amplify the voice of the consumer;
  • connect us to our communities.

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As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality persist in our world, none of us can truly rest.

Nelson Mandela

It is exactly this restlessness that has inspired a group of South African businessmen and women to combine their resources, talents and networks to create a platform called the Sakeng Emporium.

At its heart, the Sakeng Emporium platform strives to create a better outcome for every one of its members and partners by using technology to harness our collective power.

Sakeng Emporium is a brave step towards a more inclusive economic system. One that brings about responsible, sustainable and innovative transformation.

Our dream at Sakeng is that every man and woman should own a part of the technology they use on a daily base.

Together we can create a strong, inclusive South Africa, where all prosper. The key ingredient to creating this prosperity is for us to unite, to work as one, not just for ourselves but for each other.

Sakeng is a universe built for change, with one main goal: To ensure that ordinary men and women from all backgrounds benefit from the economy they fuel.

Through the unique structure created to govern and manage Sakeng and its related companies we ensure that the benefits generated by the platform go back to those who make the platform possible: our members and our partners.

Sakeng Emporium is an online marketplace, offering cheaper products and valuable benefits for all its members and partners.

The first of its kind, Sakeng Emporium is owned by everyone who is a part of it. The more you participate the more you will share in the wealth created by Sakeng. All you need to make Sakeng work for you is to give it your support and attention.

Sakeng has put in place a strong governance system to ensure that there is no funny business, no sneaky back door, no placing of individual greed ahead of member interests.

The Sakeng Trust was set up to always protect the interests of Sakeng Emporium members and partners.

Sakeng is transparent and accountable and is the beginning of our vision of a transformed South Africa. Built for and owned by the people.

Sakeng is ready to show what our shared strength, our ubuntu, can do.

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As we roll out and implement Sakeng we will share with you the stories of how Sakeng is making meaning full contributions to our members and partners

People of Sakeng